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NDT Products News

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited Adds ECHO-3DŽ Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging Technology to Its Product Line
Posted: Tue, Feb 28th 2017 at 17:16:55
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited is excited to announce the addition of ECHO-3D’s Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) and its digital data platform to its product line. NDT Products Limited partnered with Athena Industrial Services Inc. to launch this innovation for inspection of surface breaking defects in conductive materials for the Canadian market. This patented technology is a result of thousands of hours of research and development on Stress Crack Corrosion (SCC), and both general and localized surface corrosion.  
Athena released ECHO-3D kits in 2016 into the global NDT inspection marketplace for field trials. Feedback from the NDT industry to improvements in ECHO-3D’s data acquisition methods, data management and defect analysis including real time 3D modelling. With greater market interest, ECHO-3D is finding its way to more applications in various facets of NDT inspection.  
ECHO-3D’s inspection platform begins with its icon-based software that allows projects to be quickly created by the client or the inspection company and includes details such as technician’s qualifications, inspection equipment used and material specifics. ECHO-3D is a non-contact, defect detection and measurement technology that requires minimal surface preparation. The equipment can be used to inspect a wide variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and can penetrate through non-conductive coatings such as paint or polyethylene coatings.
ECHO-3D’s equipment package consists of the ECHO-3D Sensor with encoder wheel, a DELL™ Ruggedized Touchscreen Tablet Complete with ECHO-3D Software and accessories packaged in a rugged Pelican® Case. The equipment is compatible with most manual or automated scanners to provide accurate defect location. ECHO-3D has wide range of applications in oil and gas, transportation, energy and infrastructure, where traditional NDT modalities are applied.