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NDT Products News

Category: NDT
Posted: Thu, Mar 2nd 2017 at 13:53:54
NEW Mentor Visual iQ Engine Kits Now Available!
GE IT now has 51 new Mentor Visual iQ kits released and available to RVI customers. These kits were primarily developed to support GE Aviation commercial engines, but many are fully applicable to help support other OEM engines. 
These kits allow customers to order a single part number and receive a Mentor Visual iQ system that is configured with the correct length & diameter probe, optical tips, software, and accessories to inspect a given engine. Note that for a given engine type, there may be multiple kits which may be able to inspect that engine.
These kits are fully configured with the proper length and optical tip adapters to meet the BSI inspection requirements of that engine, and are fully compliant with the latest GE Aviation BSI (BoreScope Inspection) kit requirements called out in the GE Aviation Standard Practice Manual SPM 70-32-84 Rev 105 dated 04/01/2016.
Please contact us today for more information and to identify the correct kit to suit your engine application.