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NEW AC Power Cord Strap for Mentor Visual iQ
Posted: Tue, Mar 7th 2017 at 17:27:53
The Mentor Visual iQ can be powered using a 2-hour battery or AC power. The same AC power cord that is used to power the handset is also used to charge the battery away from the handset. The power cord can sometimes inadvertently disconnect from the battery during operation. The use case involves the borescope technician connecting the MViQ to AC power using a long extension cord and upon moving to different inspection points the power cord sometimes disconnects.
In response to this feedback GE IT has developed a very simple but effective solution. This inexpensive nylon strap connects to the power cord and then wraps around the battery to serve as a strain relief. The power cord is then prevented from being disconnected.
Accessory Note: The same handset hook that was introduced to support the MViQ unit works great with the XL Vu, XL Lv, and the XL Go/Go+ as well!
For more information on the NEW accessories for GE IT's RVI units, please contact sales@ndtproducts.ca.