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NDT Products News

ZETEC Non-Ferrous Webinar
Category: NDT
Posted: Thu, Jun 8th 2017 at 18:42:21
Webinar: Improve Non-Ferrous Tubing Inspection Performance and Predictability While Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
Many times, inspection components and technologies are selected based on individual performance levels but not evaluated for their combined, synergistic contributions.
There are many variables involved in managing an Eddy Current Technology (ECT) inspection that can have a direct effect on inspection integrity and consistency, as well
as cost and schedule. An inspection approach that deploys tightly integrated technologies and components can lead to improvements in efficiency and integrity. This can
deliver more predictable results with less manpower and higher consistency. This webinar will present a combined system approach that can significantly enhance your
inspections. It will demonstrate how a tightly integrated system (including ECT instrumentation, probes, and software) can improve acquisition, analysis and the overall
management of an inspection. Join us for a one hour webinar session presented by Tom O’Dell, General Manager of the RevospECT business for Zetec.
The webinar will include a question and answer session as well as provide:
• An overview of the integrated system
• Demonstration of the ease of operation from acquisition to analysis to final reporting
• Detailed discussion on the interaction of the components in a combined, synergistic system
• Explanation of the RevospECT auto analysis system including system architecture and core principals
• Demonstration of how Historical Data Compare (HDC), as a valued added option, can improve the operational assessment of your critical inspection components
This webinar can help deliver a competitive advantage for you. You’ll gain an understanding of new ways to improve your non-ferrous ECT tubing inspection performance,
while lowering total cost of ownership.
Two Sessions Available: June 28 & 29. Register now!
For more information, please contact sales@ndtproducts.ca.