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Posted: Fri, Jul 7th 2017 at 13:36:52
Daraclean Product Shipping Notice
Daraclean 238, Daraclean 257 and MagnaVu Spray products are now classified as GHS skin corrosion 1C, classified as UN1760 Corrosive liquids, packing group III for shipping ground and ocean and are prohibited to be shipped by air.
There is no formula change in these products. This classification change is based on the results from these products being sent out for dermal corrosion testing.
New Packaging for WC-1, ZL-4C, SKL-4C in 5 Gallons
Effective immediately, WC-1, ZL-4C and SKL-4C are now supplied in opaque, white 5-gal / 18.9 L pails due to the previous packaging being discontinued by MAGNAFLUX' packaging supplier.
Please reach out to sales@ndtproducts.ca, or contact MAGNAFLUXcustomer service department immediately with any questions at cs@magnaflux.com or 1-847-657-5300.