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NDT Products News

XMET8000 Software Updates
Category: NDT
Posted: Fri, Jul 7th 2017 at 16:06:41
                                        •    New software upgrade (version 3.2) for X-MET8000s currently running with software 3.0. The upgrade includes:
                                                          o    New Matrix Correction (used to optimise accuracy when needed for soil and mining applications)
                                                          o    Viewing and exporting > 100 results in the X-MET user interface is now possible
                                                          o    User setting to convert negative results into zero values in the CSV report. Note: negative values are only possible when using
                                                                empirical calibrations, and are actually useful for methods development purposes. However, they are confusing for our customers, who prefer to see these values listed as zeros
                                                          o    GPS location coordinates are now listed in individual columns in the CSV report
                                                          o    Additional Info fields are listed in different columns in the CSV report
                                                          o    Camera images (from the analyser) can now be linked to CSV reports
                                                          o    Pseudo-elements can now be included in CSV reports
                                                          o    Printing delay has been reduced when using a Bluetooth printer
                                                          o    Please contact your local OI CS hubs for details about this upgrade.
                                                                Note: This software version is not compatible with units running software version 1.x or 2.x. For these units, a full recalibration will be needed.
                                        •    New software version 4.0. This new software version is used for X-MET8000 Expert Geo only. The new software includes the functionality listed for SW 3.2, plus:
                                                          o    User setting to display results that have a large error (i.e. result is < 2 SD). This is useful information in mining application when looking at trends rather than absolute results
                                        •    New software version 4.0.1. This software version will be available on ALL new X-MET8000s from September 2017, and will include the same software features as version 4.0.