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NDT Products News

Category: NDT
Posted: Tue, Jul 18th 2017 at 14:11:44
UltraVision Classic 3.8R25 is the standard upgrade for users currently working with a previous version of UltraVision Classic 3
Improvements and New Features:
AWS compliant information fields
With UltraVision 3.8R25 Zetec adds the capability of evaluating discontinuities according to the D rating as defined by Code section D1.1 from The American Welding Society Structural Welding. 
Number of rebounds inside the specimen
UltraVision now allows to control the number of rebounds displayed in the Calculator view.
Thickness evaluation tools: Noise recording
Noise Recording Gates is a new addition to our corrosion inspection tools. These gates can be activated in Setup and Inspection modes and can also be created offline to add noise recording capability either in Crossing or Maximum modes.
Specimen creation: Creation of 2D profile DXF file
It is now easy to generate a 2D profile in DXF format to import either to UltraVision or to UltraVision Touch.
File Management: Previous/Next file
UltraVision now allows you to run through the files from a folder.
Import/Export Custom Database
The Import/Export Database File will let you import/export all custom items from Material, Probe and Wedge databases.
File Management Configuration
The File Tool configuration window adds several improvements to simplify the management of the automatic options available for File Save, File Close and File Opening, which include the Previous and Next File.
The Element Check tool is also improved using the features already available in UltraVision Touch. 
If you have any questions about ZETEC's recent software updates, please contact sales@ndtproducts.ca