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Manufacturer: Echo Ultrasonics

A high temp thickness gauging corrosion testing couplant that has an operating range of 700°F to 1000°F (371 to 538°C) and an auto-ignition temp of above 1300°F (704°C).
EchoTherm removes the industrial accident liability, personnel risk and “startle” factor of surprise auto-ignition events when performing high temperature thickness gauging or corrosion profiling at temperatures from 700°F to 1000°F (371°C to 538°C).
EchoTherm contains a polymer which melts (and begins to smoke) at 750°F (400°C) which extends the operating range.  However, it is NOT necessary to reach this temperature to obtain instant readings.
Due to the small mass of EchoTherm used for ultrasonic thickness gauging, the slow rate of thermal decomposition and local ventilation, the vaporized and thermal decomposed product in the smoke are not anticipated to be a health hazard.
EchoTherm does not contain Teflon and is not expected to cause “polymer plume fever.”  
EchoTherm is the most economical ultra-high temperature couplant.

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