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Oxford Instruments - X-Met 7000 Series for Soil & Mining, X-Met 8000 Series & mPulse

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X-MET7000 Series for Soil & Mining

Manufacturer: Oxford Instruments

The contamination of soil has gradually been caused by human activity such as industrial processes (e.g. mining, manufacturing), agriculture (use of fertilisers and pesticides), or waste disposal (e.g. improper use of landfill).

Exposure to some of the contaminants such as Pb and Cd is detrimental to human health, and many countries have introduced regulations and programs to identify polluted areas and manage the clean-up process (remediation).

For example, as part of a US waste management program, the U.S EPA introduced Method 6200 for the in-situ determination of 26 key elements in soil and sediment by field portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry.

Operators can follow this method and use handheld XRF analysers such as Oxford Instruments’ X-MET7000 series for the rapid, on-site screening of soil for heavy metals and other pollutants. This enables them to dramatically reduce the number of samples sent to an off-site laboratory for analysis, thus reduces analysis costs and the time it takes to complete the testing program.

By isolating problem areas and defining remediation boundaries on the spot, operators can minimize soil treatment and disposal costs.

XRF Soil Analysis

The X-MET7000 Series benefits:

  • Detection limits down to 1 ppm
  • IP54 rated to withstand the harshest environments and weather condition
  • Large screen with clear, user-defined Pass/Fail messages for fast decision making
  • GPS/GIS integration to combine location data with analysis results for site mapping
  • Meets EPA Method 6200 requirements

Mining and exploration professionals worldwide, require rapid identification of the presence of key minerals at mining sites in order to make critical time and cost decisions.

XRF analysis in mining

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis is a proven and valued method, used throughout the mining process from initial on-site exploration and verification to laboratory analysis: 

  • Ore exploration and mine mapping
  • On-site excavation control
  • Grade control
  • Process monitoring: concentrates, tailings etc.
  • Trace element analysis
  • Environmental control
  • Direct measurement of drill cores, cuttings, rocks, powders

XRF analysers for mining: multi-element analysis on-site with minimal or no sample preparation

  • The handheld XRF X-MET7500 Mining Analyser delivers the versatility of a laboratory, right there in the field, enabling fast and reliable analysis of the widest variety of materials, including trace elements and light elements (from Magnesium). Rapid, rugged and easy to use, even for the most challenging environments, it features a large area, silicon drift detector, optimised for mining and soil applications. This means simple point and shoot on-site analysis even when measuring light elements, detection limits down to 1ppm for important metals and laboratory grade results. GPS/GIS integration is provided to combine location data with analysis results, boosting productivity for exploration, mine mapping and environmental screening.
  • Benchtop XRF analysers Lab-X3500 and X-Supreme8000 – accurate multi-sample analysis that can be carried out by all production staff in the laboratory.

In all cases the above analysers ensure reliable, robust, simple operation carried out on a 24/7 basis for mining and exploration professionals.


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