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Hardness Testing

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SonoDur 3

Manufacturer: NewSonic

The SonoDur 3 is the latest generation of portable UCI Hardness Tester from NewSonic. Featuring the Android Operating System, the SonoDur 3 has data transfer and export functions via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth with virtually unlimited storage capacity of measurement data. 
Works with a Full Suite of Probes (Probes must be ordered separately)
The SonoDur 3 hardness tester works with both manual probes - standard, long, thin and specialized  (1N to 100N, 0.1 to 10 kgf) or motorized probes (1N to 8.6N, 0.1 to 0.9 kgf) to test the hardness of metals. The long, thin and special versions allow testing of difficult to reach areas. The SonoDur3 UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) probes work with a variety of different manufactured parts including serial parts after heat treatment, welds, coatings and in applications after surface processing.
Replaces MIC10/MIC20 & Conforms to ASTM/DIN
The SonoDur 3 (and SonoDur 2) replaces GE's MIC 10 and MIC 20 series UCI hardness testers. Using rapid hardness measurements via a Vickers diamond, the SonoDur 3 will help you assess whether or not your parts meet your hardness quality assurance standards. The unit meets ASTM A 1038 and DIN 50159-1 and 2 standards and can convert readings to ASTM E 140-13 and EN ISO 18265 material tables. The Vickers diamond testing pressure displays digitally and refreshes after each measurement.
Intuitive Menus/Touchscreen
The SonoDur3 has an intuitive touchscreen interface and enables reassessments for other hardness scales and adheres to applicable standards for the particular probe in use. The unit also features recognition and test controls with calibration, material reassessment table, time of probe penetration, operator name and tolerance thresholds.
Current Technology
The SonoDur3 is kept up-to-date with free updates made available from NewSonic. 
Wide Range of Applications
Wide-range testing ability: The SonoDur3 makes it possible to measure soft aluminum (20HB) to harder metals (approx. 1600HV) using a probe.
Probes must be ordered in addition to the SonoDur 3 unit.
  • Carrying strap, edge protection, IP65, MIL-810G (vibration, shock, drop)
  • Brilliant color display in 5’’, smooth glass shield for easy cleaning
  • Direct function access just by touch, intuitive menu control, ideal for MIC10/MIC20 users and others
  • No set-up needed at beginning of shift – ready for immediate use
  • USB: transfer of measurement data in txt-format using the file explorer
  • WLAN: automatic transfer of single values, completed data stets
  • Bluetooth: manual transfer of a set of measurement data
  • “Unlimited” storage capacity for measurement data and settings
  • Simple access to data and qualified back-traceable assessment of results
  • File names can be predefined, automatic closing of data sets
  • “AllMeas”- summarized list of results in stored data sets
  • Efficient working tool, optimized for the daily needs of the inspector
  • Can be calibrated in full according to DAKKS after DIN 50159-2 (calibration curve 150 – through 900 HV, diamond, nominal test force)

Download SonoDur3 Brochure

Download SonoDur3 TDS

Download Comparison Sheet: SonoDur3 vs Sonodur2