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Agfa NDT Chemicals

Manufacturer: GE Inspection Technologies

Thanks to the intelligent composition of the new chemicals AGFA NDT ecoDEV and ecoFIX, it is possible to reduce chemistry consumption to less than 60 percent of present reference levels, while maintaining excellent sensitometric and physical characteristics. This drastic reduction in chemistry consumption translates into lower purchasing costs, while the smaller volume of developer and fixer waste leads to lower disposal costs.

Developer for Manual Processing

  • AGFA NDT G 128 Developer - A one-part developer concentrate to make ready to use - or replenisher solution.

Developer for Automatic Processing

  • AGFA NDT G 135 Developer- A three- parts developer suitable for automatic processing.

Fixer for Manual Processing

  • Agfa NDT G 328 Fixer - A one-part fixer concentrate to make ready to use - or replenisher solution.

Fixer for Automatic Processing

  • Agfa NDT G 335 Fixer - A two-part fixer suitable for automatic and manual processing.

AGFA NDT G 135 Starter

Starter solution is supplied separately from the G 135 developer. Available in quantities of 4x1 liter. When filling the processor tank with fresh developer (i.e. after cleaning) an additional quantity of 25 ml starter solution per liter ready-to-use developer has to be added (never in the replenisher tank).

Cleaning Chemicals

  • AGFA NDT Fixclean - Cleaning product for fixer tanks. Based on sodium hydroxide and containing no chlorine compounds, Fixclean is highly efficient. Water used to rinse fixer tanks and other equipment cleaned with Fixclean can normally be discharged as waste water after use.
  • AGFA NDT DEVclean - Cleaning product for developer tanks. DEVclean is a highly efficient 2-part cleaning product to oxidize the silver on the rollers and developer tank to keep them in solution. Used DEVclean from the tank contains Ag and fixer and must be discharged together with the fixer.

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