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Sensor Networks, Inc. Transducers

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Customized Transducers

Manufacturer: Sensor Networks, Inc.

Customized Transducer Solutions
Sensor Networks, Inc. specializes in the design and fabrication of industrial ultrasonic transducers and tooling for demanding in-situ test and inspection applications. Engineered for precision, ease-of-use and maximum durability, our offering includes; ultrasonic transducers, fixtures, couplant-delivery systems, qualification/calibration standards, procedure development, personnel training and instrumentation.
Their deep domain expertise enhances NDT solutions through the selection, design and optimization of the ultrasonic technique. The transducer’s efficiency is paramount for converting electrical energy into sound, then coupling and directing that acoustic energy into the test piece to maximize its signal-to-noise ratio.
Self-aligning wand transducers for hard-to-access rotating equipment inspections
  • 1-20MHz
  • 0.1-0.5″ diameters
  • Conventional shear-wave and PAUT types
  • Available with single-axis articulation, integral couplant delivery and CCTV options
Linear & matrix
  • Annular, daisy & circular
  • Contact & immersion
  • Single & dual
  • Flat & curved
O.D. Transducers 
For tubing weld or braze joints

Linear or area pulse-echo arrays
For UT-thickness monitoring

ASME Section XI
Compound-radius wedges
  • Refracted longitudinal
  • Phased-array duals
  • Contact or Immersion
  • TOFD
  • Complex wedges & delays
7 MHz Ultra-high-temp Delay-line
Transducer and mounting clamp for continuous 500°C (932°F)

  • Linear & Matrix
  • Annular, Daisy & Circular
  • Contact & Immersion
  • Single & Dual
  • Flat & Curved
SensorScan™ QS
Conventional transducers for quick swapping onto delay lines or wedges

Small-diameter (< 0.25”/6 mm) ID Bore Probes
Shear-wave, L-wave, duals and tandem types

2 MHz PAUT Dual
With 2×16 elements per probe and detachable wedge

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