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Video Camera Documentation & Measurement System

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Rigid Borescope Measurement

Manufacturer: KARL STORZ

Rigid Borescope Measurement
Quantitative Rigid Borescope Measurement, ​​Real-time, Repeatable & Accurate
Repeatable Accurate Measurements
Produce repeatable, accurate measurements with rigid borescopes down to 1.6mm in diameter.  Our exclusive rigid borescope measuring system enables measurement of defects and parts for tolerances on the production floor or QC lab.
Easy Measurement, Annotation​ & Documentation
​​Easily document digital images with measurement, annotate and share between colleagues on-site or suppliers/customers off site using or export to report feature.
Quickly Change Borescope Models
​​Operators can quickly change borescopes models enabling them to inspect and measure multiple areas of a part or entirely different parts from the same station using different diameter rigid borescopes.
Visualize in Real-Time 
KARL STORZ Industrial borescopes are developed for heavy-duty industrial grade visualization. Our robust high performance rigid borescopes are designed with the HOPKINS II rod lens system. 
​They provide unsurpassed image quality and clarity through exceptionally clear, sharp, bright images.  When connected to one of our video systems the image is faithfully reproduced using ergonomically correct video displays and readied for real time measurement and annotation. ​

Measure with Ease
Using our video camera and measurement software, real time quantitative measurement, ​image capture, simple reporting of measurement data, statistics and annotation can be performed by the investigator. 

Inspect with Precision
Our borescope optical systems are engineered and manufactured to produce maximum illumination and resolution enabling critical visual inspection. 
​Our borescopes feature integrated fiber optic illumination within our double-walled stainless steel shaft that include sapphire glass end-piece designs rendering the borescope extremely resistant to damage and wear ensuring optimal protection in the harshest inspection environments.
  • Simple Borescope Measurement features the latest in image acquisition, live digital measurement, image capture, and quick, simple reporting of measurement data and statistics. Also included are simple image editing and annotation features.
  • Live Measurement and Overlay Settings enable operators to perform measurements on the live preview image, using the crosshair or grid masks to center and count. The grid masks include calibration data. Calibration marker (scale bar) can be placed on the live preview image. The marker (scale bar) can also be burned on each captured image automatically.
  • Annotation includes: Line, arrow, polyline, spline, rectangle, ellipse, text.
  • A Fully Customizable System to meet various industry and customer needs.

Download Rigid Borescope Catalog