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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT) Training

We are pleased to inform you that GE now offers a 40-hour computed tomography training class in Lewistown, PA. The next available class is August 24 – 28, 2015 and November 16-20, 2015 in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Computed Tomography (CT) Training Course covers:
• Fundamentals of CT
• Advanced CT Scan Operator
• Intermediate CT Data Analyst
Classroom and practical training from GE’s Inspection Academy, to meet industry’s workforce development needs Computed Tomography (CT) has become industry’s technology of choice for 3D inspection of advanced materials and critical applications,
and advances in speed and resolution are enabling the widespread use of CT in production process control. Demand for CT operators and analysts is increasing dramatically, and this new course from the GE Inspection Academy is here to help organizations meet their staffing and development needs.
Upon completion of this 40 hour course with hands-on practical application, participants will meet Level III Scan Operator requirements as outlined by the Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI) guidance for affordable CT usage, and will be prepared to:
• Apply safety regulations for operation of ionizing radiation equipment.
• Demonstrate the proper set-up and reconstruction of a CT scan.
• Select CT scan parameters to optimize image quality for specific applications.
• Perform corrective actions for image quality issues and artifacts, including Feldkamp artifacts, insufficient images, and beam hardening.
• Perform calibrations for metrology measurements.
• Perform system quality checks to comply with industrial standards.
• Understand analysis software and advanced analysis possibilities for CT measurements.
• Identify CT applications for castings, turbine blades, automotive parts, composites, additive manufacturing, electronics, advanced materials, biological and geophysical specimens, and paleontology.

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