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Hydra ADE24TX

Manufacturer: Hydra International Corporation

The Hydra ADE24/XT Algae Free/AD

Fully Automatic Anti-Algae Free Dosing Unit

Hydra’s ADE24 system is a small, compact auto dosing unit (auto dosing pump) which is only activated during the wash cycle of the processor and injects a few drops of Algae Free/AD directly into the water supply feeding the wash tank/s whilst the wash tank is filling or re-filling.

The ADE24/TX unit automatically switches off between wash cycles and when the processor shuts down. This ensures that the system is not only highly efficient but extremely cost effective.

Hydra Algae Free/AD Solution

This Highly concentrated cleaner, formulated to work in conjunction with the ADE24/TX unit. Algae Free/AD is injected at source, keeping the entire wash water supply, overflows and pipework crystal clean 24/7

Complete Easy to Install System

Each Hydra ADE24 system comes complete with easy to follow instructions, full fittings, 4x5 liters of Algae Free/AD and holding cradle for the Algae Free/AD.

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