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Products in category: Silver Recovery-Processor Monitoring System

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Metafix Processor Monitoring and Effluent Control System (MBX)

Manufacturer: Metafix

  • Ontario
  • Western Canada
  • Eastern Canada

The Metafix Processor Monitoring and Effluent Control System (MBX) has been developed as a completely new solution to automatically monitor your processor's chemical balance and usage whilst maximising silver yield. With quality assurance in NDT being of paramount importance, the correct processing of X-Ray film is an important link in the chain which can now be monitored.
While studying the industrial x-ray process, Metafix discovered that pH is an important indicator of proper processor replenishment rates. The ideal replenishment rate has a unique pH; the MBX system collects and monitors the pH of the overflow developer and fixer.
By doing so, the customer can be alerted if their processor is being under or over replenished. The system also tracks the volume of the overflow. This helps to accurately track the amount of film processed and chemistry used, a very useful audit trail. With this information, you can precisely determine the life of our patented silvery recovery columns. This avoids any compliance issue and enables us to correctly predict and maximize silver recovered.
The MBX system recovers silver from the combined developer and fixer discharge, (a proven Metafix patented process) by controlled pumping of the solution through Metawool cartridges that efficiently trap silver.
The system is Internet-ready and communicates the collected data to our cloud-based data logging system Metatrax. Customers are sent system reports and alarm notifications via email or SMS text.
  • Monitor the processer’s replenishment rate in real-time.
  • Developer and Fixer collected together for pH monitoring and silver treatment
  • Little human intervention, No scrapping, No drain problems.
  • Accurate silver yield prediction. Customers paid on volume, not refining results
  • Internet connection enables data logging and real-time alarm notification.
  • Internet line
  • Waterline
  • 120v connection
Process Monitoring System - Model No. MBX-1000
Central System - Model: MBX-C

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